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6 Anti-Aging Tips to Help You Look Your Best in Summer

Woman In Bathing SuitWe all long to maintain a healthy, radiant, sun-kissed glow. But at what cost? While your skin and mental health rely on Vitamin D from the sun, UV/UVB rays are also one of the top aging culprits. And while moisture may be somewhat easier to retain in summer than in winter’s dryness, sweat and heat can cause unwanted blemishes and breakouts that have us feeling youthful in a different way. Overall, summer can be quite the contradiction!

Don’t fret—it doesn’t have to be all sweat and sunspots. Embrace the season of sun by lightening up your approach to anti-aging. Our Santa Clarita med spa team wants you to sit back, relax, and enjoy confidence-boosting self-care with these 6 anti-aging tips to keep you looking young and gorgeous all summer long.

1.     Slather Yourself in SPF

Listen, we totally trust that your daily routine includes consistent applications of at least SPF-30 all over your face and body to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. But, sun protection so paramount to healthy skin, it needs to be reiterated. While it should be something you are mindful about, SPF application doesn’t have to be yet another addition to your skincare routine.

  • Selecting skincare and makeup products that already include lightweight SPF protection in their formulas is the easiest way to guard your face from sun-aging while avoiding the greasiness or heaviness of traditional sunblock.
  • This goes for the rest of your body, too—purchase a body butter or lotion with SPF built in and moisturize right after your morning shower for maximum skin benefits.
  • Don’t forget your lips! Avoid aging lines on your lips and around your mouth with a hydrating and SPF-forward lip balm.
  • Remember: if you still get a little too much sun, make sure to treat the affected skin with aloe vera to help heal.

Still craving a beach-fresh tan but don’t want the pigmentation, rashes, and leathery, crepe-y skin that comes with it? Rather than subject yourself to harmful UVs by baking in the sun, embrace your inner bronzer goddess the safe way with at-home self-tanners for a subtle tanned glow that will make you feel like you were lounging in Mykonos all summer!

2.     Get Outside

Especially in these stressful, uncertain times, staying indoors can make us feel gray-skinned and depressed—and stress is yet another worrisome aging culprit. The good news is, studies have shown that being outside reduces stress and boosts positivity, mostly due to the Vitamin D we absorb with natural sunlight. By giving your skin fresh air to breathe in a little (SPF-safe) outdoor therapy, you’ll feel refreshed, replenished, and your skin will radiate as a result.

When engaging in outdoor activities that prevent you from lounging safely in the shade, opt for wide-brimmed hats, large-framed sunglasses, and active wear with built in SPF as well. Exercise is also important to fight signs of aging, and you can safely enjoy outdoor activities like walking, hiking, and biking to sweat it out and maintain a healthy glow. However, even just sitting on your porch with a refreshing glass of green tea can provide a boost of Vitamin D and make you feel and look healthier, happier, and younger.

3.     Nourish from the Inside Out

Hydrating from the inside out is more than just pounding water (though yes, you should be doing that, too!). Especially in the heat, we can maximize our hydration intake with refreshing foods and drinks. Fruits high in water content such as watermelon, strawberries, cucumbers, and cantaloupe are rich in nutrients and are a great snack to keep you hydrated from within—or, add them to your water for a naturally flavorful way to drink half your body weight in water per day. Coconut water, green tea, and this homemade ginger-lemon electrolyte drink are also intensely hydrating alternatives to water that are nutrient and antioxidant-rich and promote their own age-reversing skin health benefits.

In addition to adding nourishing elements to your diet, it’s also important to be conscious of what we are consuming that is counteracting. By being mindful of the consumption of alcohol, coffee, refined grains and sugar, and dairy, you can aim for glowing skin that stays hydrated throughout the day without upset.

4.     Simplify Makeup and Skincare Routines

Heavy makeup not only sweats off in the summer heat, it can also clog pores and cause breakouts. In addition, stubborn makeup and sweaty, dirty pores require harsher, drying cleansing routines. Instead of persisting within a cycle that could end up aging your skin more, embrace a natural, sun-kissed look and opt for a lighter makeup routine such as:

  • SPF-included BB cream or tinted moisturizer instead of a foundation
  • Cream or liquid-based products over powders
  • Hydrating, tinted lip balm over long-wear lipstick

Feeling confident in bare skin depends on choosing a seasonally appropriate skincare routine. In addition to using gentler cleansers in the summer, investing in nourishing serums rather than heavier moisturizers is our not-so-secret summer skin tip for owning a fresh-faced dewy glow. Serums allow potent antioxidants to penetrate deep into your skin, even though they are only applied topically. Don’t be afraid to accent your serum with a weekly sheet mask for amazing results while you engage in some much needed self-care. Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and peptides are the key anti-aging ingredients you’ll want to look out for.

5.     Naturally Exfoliate and Hydrate

It is doubly crucial to keep your pores clear and clean in the summer if you want to maintain a youthful glow. Even when using lightweight makeup and sun protection, the summer humidity and heat-induced sweat can cause greasiness and impurities that accentuate signs of aging. Gentle exfoliation to rid impurities and dead skin can offset these issues.

While we love our beauty product investments, there are also at-home treatments that can naturally compliment your skincare routine to boost nourishment and hydration. Coffee grounds, sugar, oatmeal, and even baking soda can all be used to naturally exfoliate your face and body while also boasting sustainability practices that make you feel good about yourself and mother earth. Mixing these easily accessible ingredients with coconut oil or cucumber water will maximize hydration benefits, while combining with a thickening agent like honey, eggs, or avocado can create a nutrient-rich face mask that is both fun and all-natural. Don’t forget the rest of your body, too! Cellulite, wrinkles, and crepe skin can all be reduced with natural body scrubs and soaks. But, remember—be sure to only exfoliate once or twice a week, and do not use anything on your skin that you may be allergic to!

6.     Do What Keeps You HAPPY!

We all know that youthfulness is best expressed with happiness—no matter how healthy or wrinkle-free your skin may appear. That’s why the best remedy for unwelcome signs of aging is taking time for yourself to do the things you love. So, smile, relax, and enjoy the summer season with the carefree abandon of youth to keep looking gorgeous!

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