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Dysport: A Botox Alternative for a Freshly Rejuvenated You

First Botox, and now Dysport? With so many options for injectables, choosing the right one for you can be difficult to navigate. Rather than feel overwhelmed, however, the variety of injections on the market are exciting opportunities to select a treatment plan uniquely designed with you in mind.

At Pasha Medical Day Spa, our team will provide you with all the information you need about Dysport in Santa Clarita to help you choose the right injectable to achieve youthful revitalization of your skin.

Dysport or Botox?

While both injections use botulinum toxin A to get results by relaxing the muscles, each area of your face requires careful attention and a unique approach, and each injectable will yield different results depending on the area, potency, and your skin’s health history. Facial aesthetics are never a one-size-fits-all procedure, and Pasha Medical Day Spa specializes in individual care when it comes to wrinkle-smoothing injectables, whether it be with Dysport or Botox.

Because of its dramatic effectiveness in medical issues such as neck and muscle spasms, Dysport’s higher dosage spans over a larger area than Botox for optimal rejuvenation, while also lasting longer than Botox. Dysport is therefore best used for treating more severe lines, and has gained quite the reputation for its ability to smooth crow’s feet and frown lines. But, don’t let its heavy-hitting abilities scare you—Dysport is proven to diminish the harshest of lines without inhibiting the natural movements of your face. You can smile, frown, laugh, wink…all while remaining wrinkle-free.

A Fresher You with Dysport in Santa Clarita

When you choose Dysport, you are choosing a younger, fresher you. Because of Dysport’s powerful potency, most patients are happier with those targeted areas that Dysport can treat better than Botox. In addition to smoothing crow’s feet and frown lines, Dysport is ideal for the glabella area: those stubborn, deep caverns between the eyebrows. Most importantly, Dysport can actually prevent wrinkles—so it is never too early to start treatment of these common severe trouble areas. Dysport injections do not create a new you, but rather, the younger, revitalized you hidden beneath dull, aging skin.

The best injectables are subtle, enhancing your natural features while treating unwelcome signs of aging. Despite the power in its potency, Dysport will never give you a “frozen-face” look, but instead, allow you to embrace your youthful self.

Are you ready to freshen up your appearance? Have our team at Pasha Medical Day Spa be your Santa Clarita Dysport provider for a rejuvenating medi-spa experience that leaves you looking younger and fresher than ever.