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Facial Contouring with Botox

Botox has come a long way as a common procedure to treat signs of aging. At Pasha Medical Day Spa, our medical skin care professionals boast expertise in the art of facial contouring through Botox injections. We offer non-invasive, nonsurgical treatments that improve shape, definition, and overall youthfulness, while offering a safe, yet lavish environment.

Our facial aesthetic experts will work with your personal needs to improve your self-confidence and achieve your aesthetic goals with Botox injectables in Santa Clarita.

The Low-Down on Botox

Botox has seemingly been around forever, which can lead to the assumption that you already know everything you need to about onobotulinumtoxinA— the injectable toxin that temporarily relaxes facial muscles, diminishing wrinkles with a simple, noninvasive injectable procedures. However, innovations in the use of Botox to achieve optimal results of facial aesthetics are at the forefront of discovery every day, and so are we.

Common problematic areas succeeded through Botox injections include forehead lines, frown lines, crow’s feet, smile and marionette lines, lip contouring, saggy cheeks and revitalization of the neck and Décolleté (lower neckline). However, it takes more than a simple injection here and there to treat the signs of aging while achieving a natural aesthetic.

Facial Contouring in Santa Clarita

What exactly is facial contouring? This on-trend treatment is exactly what is sounds like: by using targeted Botox injections around problematic areas, your face is reshaped and redefined to achieve a naturally contoured, defined facial structure that is both slim and youthful.

There are generally three targeted areas when facial contouring, and each area focus depends on your personal needs and facial structure. With upper face shaping, cheek augmentation adds the universally desired well-contoured cheek by adding slight width. Masseter reduction in midface contouring actually narrows your face below the cheeks, giving the appearance of a slimmer face without invasive surgeries that permanently change your facial structure. Lastly, lower face definition uses chin augmentation to actually lengthen and narrow your face. In all, facial contouring should not only be a natural, subtle aesthetic goal, but should give you a well-defined look from every angle.

By using Botox injections, our experts at Pasha Medical Day Spa treat aesthetic care as a true artform. Facial contouring is not a one-size-fit-all procedure, and the best results occur when your individual features and unique skin composition are understood and appreciated. By balancing your face’s naturally beautiful appearance, facial contouring with Botox at Pasha Medical Day Spa never looks artificial. Taking advantage of non-surgical procedures, this approach is all about working with your natural beauty with enhancements that shape, define, and smooth your natural features.

For Santa Clarita Botox treatments, look no further. With a combined 40 years of professional experience in nursing and medical fields, dermatology, and esthetics, you can achieve your aesthetic goals in the highest-quality med spa atmosphere at Pasha Medical Day Spa.