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A Guide to the Lip Injections Right for You

Lip InjectionsDid you know that every twenty minutes, a lip procedure is performed? It’s true—lip augmentation is now the most common nonsurgical cosmetic procedure, and for good reason. Who doesn’t want luscious lips and a youthful look, after all? As lip augmentation continues to grow in popularity as a go-to addition to regular beauty routines, the variety of lip fillers and injectables has flooded the market. The good news: tons of high-quality options for voluminous, natural-looking, youthful lips! The downside: it is increasingly difficult to determine the differences between lip injections and decide which procedure is best for you.

Luckily, our team of specialists at Pasha Medical Day Spa have compiled a comprehensive guide to lip injections in Santa Clarita. From initial consultation to follow up, we want to ensure that you benefit from the perfect lip injection treatment plan for those succulent lips.

So, You Want Lip Fillers: Your Initial Consultation for Santa Clarita Lip Injections

The biggest mistake often made when opting for lip injections is a lack of communication. In our boutique spa clinic, we are here to make you feel your absolute most beautiful! That is why the team of specialists at Pasha Medical Day Spa want to hear your specific expectations and goals. What do you love about your lips? What would you like to see change? We will help you set personal goals that don’t just have you keeping up with celebrity trends, but instead enhance your unique facial features when augmenting your lips. By starting soft and subtle, you can ease into the shape and volume you are comfortable with to achieve the natural, youthful appearance we all desire.

Risks to each lip filler are minimal, but just like any cosmetic procedure, it is important to be informed of any and all risks no matter how small. Allergic reactions to hyaluronic acid are extremely rare, but can cause the development of a lump (granuloma), but this condition is not severe and can be dissolved with treatment. In addition to any allergies, you’ll need to be honest and up-front about any medical conditions or medications, particularly if you have diabetes, lupus, any blood-clotting problems, an active infection, or an allergy to lidocaine.

The Big Decision: Which Lip Injection is Right for Me?

It is common knowledge that each choice of lip injection comes with their own sets of risks and benefits, but what is less commonly understood is that lip fillers actually vary in design, purpose, and specialty based on different aspects of lip augmentation and levels of customization. In other words, not all injectables are the same!  Depending on your own needs and aesthetic goals, be it smoothing the lines around your mouth for a youthful look, increasing the volume of your lips, or even reshaping your pout, you’ll need to understand each lip filler individually in order to make the best choice.

Collagen lip plumping has historically been the first choice for lip augmentation—that was until the rise in popularity of hyaluronic acid fillers. While collagen lip injections enhance lips through direct plumping, hyaluronic acid fillers can be more customizable for various treatment goals due to a slightly different process that not only increases volume, but also encourages natural collagen production, as well as boosts hydration and youthfulness while shaping your lips’ volume, shape, and structure.


Juvéderm is an injectable gel lip filler available in two forms: Volbella XC and Ultra XC. Both Juvéderm lip filler procedures have up to a year of longevity with optimal treatment.

Juvéderm Volbella specializes in augmentation as well as the correction of vertical perioral lines for an age-defying treatment that smooths the lines around the mouth. Juvéderm Ultra XC is great for thin lips, whether naturally thin or loss of volume caused by aging. Its focus is to create more plump lips with more fullness and volume, but can also help eliminate nasolabial folds known as smile lines to help boost the appearance of your lip augmentation.


Restylane Kysse is a long lasting injectable filler that boasts not only a more natural youthful look, but also a more natural feel to more voluminous lips. Through innovative technology that allows the tissue of your own lips to bind with the hyaluronic acid in the filler, this longer lasting lip filler will give you silky smooth lips that prioritize youthfulness. In addition, fine lines around the mouth can also be diminished with targeted use.

Restalyne Refyne and Defyne are also dermal fillers that aim to reduce specific fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth to encourage anti-aging and youthfulness. From marionette lines to smile lines, these fillers will smooth out the appearance of aging and add soft volume to the lips for subtle, yet effective age defiance.

Go Time: The Simple Procedure

For those apprehensive about receiving a needle to the mouth (who wouldn’t be?!), it is comforting to know that lip injectables are very mild and near painless. The procedure for dermal fillers is similar to other nonsurgical injectables. There is generally no need for more than a topical anesthetic, and most patients report only feeling a mild pinch at the injection site. After injection, your lips will be gently massaged and shaped. The entire procedure only takes about thirty minutes, and you’ll be able to notice a difference from the moment you are handed the mirror to take in your freshly kissable lips!

The Follow Up: Relishing That Perfect Pout

One of the best things about lip enhancing procedures is the immediacy of results. While you may experience variant levels of bruising, swelling, or tenderness around the injection site that may last up to 48 hours, there is no real downtime other than avoiding activity like exercise that can cause heightened blood flow and add to swelling. Most patients can even return to work the same day. Lip injections generally last 3-6 months, and some up to 12 months varying by the procedure. You can receive additional plumping in less or more time, depending on your personal preference and needs. In fact, one of the biggest draws to lip injections is how easy and customizable the procedure is—for the commitment-phobic, the procedure is even reversable. The lips of your dreams have never been more attainable!

For all your Santa Clarita lip injectables, our team of specialists can help you achieve your aesthetic goals—from overall fuller lips to a fresh and new kiss-worthy shape, there’s a lip filler out there created just for you.

Are you ready to choose the perfect lip injection for you? Call Pasha Medical Day Spa today for a free consultation to help you achieve the perfect pout!